Free Produce at Farmers’ Markets in DC!

The Produce Plus program was started in 2014 as a way to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to low-income residents of Washington DC, and it is run through the DC Department of Health. In its first year, this program connected 15,000 DC residents with healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables at more than 40 farmers’ markets in all 8 Wards of the city. In total, over $165,000 was distributed to residents over the course of four months. And this year the goals are even higher. Continue reading Free Produce at Farmers’ Markets in DC!


Deflated Dreams

Today I was reading a post on Quora, this fun little site that asks a lot of thought-provoking questions and solicits the online community for answers. The post was by a woman who was aspiring to be a writer. She wrote her post about dreams. Specifically, about the deflation and abandonment of dreams. What struck me was the fact that the post was so familiar, it hit so close to home, that I easily could have been the one to write it. Continue reading Deflated Dreams

The Sea

He walked to the sea. It was a ritual he performed every morning. Pulling on his knee-high boots, rubber to shelter his calves. Zipping up the rain jacket to directly below his weathered chin, rain or shine. Some mornings he stirred a spoonful of sugar into his lukewarm porridge, which he ate sitting at his … Continue reading The Sea

The Land of El Ávila

I’ll be honest.  I’ve never understood many people’s fascination with all things Latin America.  The politics, the culture, the history.  It’s true that I learned Spanish in high school, but that was mainly so I could communicate with my paternal extended family (something of which I do not do nearly enough).  It’s true that I … Continue reading The Land of El Ávila

Reflections on Lent

There are certain perks to being raised Catholic.  Namely, Christmas and Easter.  And the occasional donut as bribe to get us to go to church.  Then there are the downsides.  First, the fact that we actually had to go to church.  Every single week.  As a child with no concept of time, taking an hour … Continue reading Reflections on Lent

Checking In

I haven’t thought about this blog in months.  Quite literally.  I don’t have a great excuse, unless being busy counts (which I don’t really think it does).  I thought about it today because I met with the writer’s group I’m a part of.  It reminded me that I haven’t actually written something in forever.  Something … Continue reading Checking In